Sliding Valve Assembly

Sliding ValveThe Tri-alta Sliding Valve Assembly connects below the valve rod guide on either top or bottom hold down pumps. The Sliding Valve consists of a housing ( stainless steel or mild steel ), a stainless steel seat and a drop ( brass or mild steel ).

During the down stroke the drop falls and contacts the seat. The drop and seat seals the pump off from the majority of the hydrostatic head of the tubing fluid above. The decrease in hydrostatic head in the pump allows the traveling valve to fully open and produce gassy liquids much easier.

On the upstroke the produced fluid raises the drop off the seat and the fluid exits from the ports in the housing.

The Sliding Valve can be used to produce gassy liquids or to pump off water from gas wells.

Designed and manufactured by Tri-alta Oilfield Industries Ltd., Edmonton, Alberta.

Available for:

2” x 11/16” Valve Rod Guides
2-1/2” x 7/8” Valve Rod Guides


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