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Electrical Submersible Pumps

Tri-Alta is the only true Canadian Owned Electric Submersible Pumping manufacturer.  Currently, Tri-Alta has over 500 ESP’s running in the Western Canadian Sedimentary basin. We have ESP’s installed in a variety of applications including: coal bed methane, sour service, high temp, high volume, sand, mine de-watering, and many others.

Tri-Alta’s varied and customer driven Submersible Pumping System product line includes:

Pumps: Tri-Alta offers a complete line of 300, 400 and 500 series pumps with flows ranging from 150 BPD (25 m3/d) to 10,000 BPD (1,750 m3/d). Our complete stage line is made from highly corrosive resistant Ni-Resist alloy. Our stages typically have two down-thrust wear pads, and one up-thrust wear pad, so no balance holes are required, and thus our stage line is typically more efficient than other submersible brands. High strength monel and inconel shafting are stocked for high HP and corrosive applications. Carbon steel housings, heads, and bases are standard offerings, while stainless steel can be acquired for more corrosive applications.

Tri-Alta’s pump styles range from standard floater styles, to compression pump styles to our Severe Service Pump c/w internal axial and radial thrust bearings for harsh environments such as sand, high salt content, or even very low flow environments such as CBM.

Gas Separators: Tri-Alta’s gas separator design is quite unique, and as a result quite effective in separating free gas entering at the intake. By adding additional head to the internal fluids through the use of a high volume mixed flow impeller and our vortex inducing chamber, Tri-Alta’s single gas separators typically out perform other brands tandem models.

Our standard models are designed for either mild abrasives or high temperature applications, through the use of tungsten carbide radial bearings. Similar to our pumps, the gas sep’s internals are made from highly corrosive resistant Ni-Resist alloy. High strength monel shafting is standard.

Upgraded models such as tandem versions or tandem with Charger Pump are available for very high free gas applications. Additional upgrades for high sand cut wells using boronized internals, or teflon coated internals for ashphaltene release in miscible floods are available.

Isolators (protector or seal section): Tri-Alta offers a complete line of 300, 400 and 500 series Isolators. Tri-Alta has supplied Isolators in the following applications: high temp (using aflas elastomers), high HP (using piggy-back, tandem bag & inconel shafts), compression pump deployment (using ultra-high-load thrust bearings) and high H2S Isolator which prevents H2S contamination of the motor and its insulating oil.

Motors: Tri-alta offers a complete line of 300, 400 and 500 series submersible motors are available. In the 300 series, HP’s range from 15 to 195 HP. In the 400 series, HP’s range from 15 to 300 HP. In the 500 series, HP’s range from 18 to 720. Larger horse power’s are achieved by combining or coupling motors together. Motor’s can be wound to achieve whatever volt / amp combination is required for each customer’s application.

Upgrades to handle high temperatures using aflas elastomers, high temp mineral oil, peak terminal block, babbitless thrust bearing or high H2S, using gold plated terminal pins are available.

Sensor: Tri-Alta has a complete line of 300, 400 and 500 series sensors. Our sensors have the capability to measure intake pressure (15 - 5000 psi), intake temp (77 - 300oF), internal motor temp (77 - 300oF), vibration (0 - 10 gn), and internal condensation (i.e. the presence of water). A surface read-out package must be deployed in order to retrieve the data provided by the sensor.

Cable: Tri-Alta stocks up to 50,000 ft of power cable in Redwater. Our standard cable is made in the following specification: three, #4 awg copper wires in a parallel / flat configuration, 5 KV - EPDM (High Temp) insulation bonded to the copper conductor, lead sheathing around each conductor, galvanized armour. This cable has proven to be highly effective in preventing decompression failures in all types of applications.

Variable Speed Drive (VSD): Tri-Alta has good business relationships with several high quality, cost effective VSD manufacturers. Each VSD can be manufactured to suit not only the customer’s electrical requirements, but also the control & communications aspects as well. Indoor or outdoor platforms are available.

Transformers: Tri-Alta has good business relationships with several high quality, cost effective step-up Transformer manufacturers. This item is typically required when a high voltage motor is deployed down hole with an incoming power supply that is lower in voltage supply. Dry type or oil filled are available. VSD rated transformers are available. In most cases, multi-tap selectors on the secondary side are utilized.