Quality API Polish Rods

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Quality API Polish Rods

Tri-alta offers five different grades of Polished Rods for all applications and conditions where a premium quality rod should be used. Wells with moderate amounts of load and corrosion should use a 431 SS rod. For sandy wells at medium depths, where abrasion and/or corrosion are a problem, Spray Metal Coated rods should be used. For deep holes, where abrasion is a problem, consider using a 4140 Alloy rod with a Spray Metal Polished Rod Liner.  XM-19 (N50) is suited for the most severe applications where high corrosive and high load conditions are present.

1045 Piston Steel:  Utility grade carbon steel material. This is a medium strength rod and is relatively soft; it works well in common applications with little corrosion or abrasives present.

 4140 Alloy Steel:  An improved carbon steel material with chromium and nickel added. This rod is stronger than piston steel and gives better corrosion protection and improved hardness. This is a good rod for mild corrosive and/or mild abrasive conditions.

431 Stainless Steel:  A mid-grade stainless material with substantially more nickel than a 4140 Alloy rod. It has higher strength and hardness characteristics than alloy steel and offers good corrosion resistance to help reduce pitting in H2S environments to 5% max.

XM-19 (N50) High Strength Stainless Steel:  This is the highest quality polished rod available through Tri-alta. XM-19 is a high quality, high strength austenitic stainless steel, which has been fortified with Molybdenum and Nitrogen.  XM-19 out-performs 431SS and hard faced rods in severe service applications as it’s chemical composition gives excellent tensile strength and corrosion resistance.

Quality API Rod Couplings

Tri-Alta offers both API Type “T” and “SM” Sucker Rod and Polish Rod Couplings.  We also stock all common change over sizes and all couplings are available in Full Size and Slim Hole configurations.  All threads are cold formed, not machined, to provide maximum thread strength.  Our couplings are produced to meet and exceed all current API specifications.

Grade “T” couplings are manufactured from extruded carbon blanks and offer excellent strength and resistance to hydrogen embrittlement.  Minimum tensile strength for all couplings is 95,000 PSI but the high-grade carbon used will significantly exceed the minimum.  A phosphate coating is applied to all couplings for anti-galling protection.

Grade “SM” (Spray Metal) couplings start with the same high quality “T” coupling and have a very hard Nickel alloy coating applied to the outside diameter and face of the coupling.  The spray metal thickness is a minimum of 0.010” and the hardness is a minimum of 55Rc. “SM” couplings are intended for use where abrasion and/or corrosion wear is a problem.